African American US Navy Sailor WWII Letter 1944

This letter was written by an African American US Navy Sailor, who was writing from Barracks #1 Section Base, New Orleans, Louisiana, March 26, 1944. He was writing to a young lady, who was a college student at Louisiana State College (now Grambling University). From the letter…..

   How are you, I was beginning to wonder what had happened.
   There’s not very much work going on here now; the ships that come and go are stopped at a bridge on the Mississippi due to high water.
   My bro. Gene was in New Orleans the past mid week. He is going to build me a Radio set with earphones, since he is on a receiving set, he don’t have to worry about a Radio, which one really enjoys hearing around this place.
   I went to a church service off the station this morning; very few people were there, but nevertheless I enjoyed it.
   Not in a modest way, it gives me a great pleasure to hear form you. Remember what you said about not meaning me when referring to fellows “messing out”? Does it mean that you “sorta” care, and that I am not getting careless?
   At the present I’ve made no plans for Easter, but chances are I’ll be here. Write soon.

Yours Truly,

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