731st Ordnance Company, 31st Division WWII Letter November 1944

This letter was written by a soldier, who was on an island in the Pacific, November 1, 1944. He was with the 731st Ordnance Company, 31st Division.

You’ll have to forgive me Honey, cause I didn’t write last nit, but after I get thru explaining whye, I think you’ll find it easy to do.
   To begin with we got up at four AM and drove down to the docks to catch a boat. We thought we were going on the cabin cruiser but it was full, so we ended up on an L.C.M., that’s a landing barge. Just as we were ready to putt out, the air raid siren blew so we waited, and pretty soon we heard the planes. The A.A. started firing, and lo and behold one of the planes burst into flames and  crashed. It really took us by surprise cause for six weeks now we’ve been watching them shoot but the planes were always so high that they never could hit them. We just got over that when another one got hit and just disappeared in a puff of flames, one second he was there and the next he wasn’t . Right after that one disappeared the got another one and in a couple of minutes they got the fourth one, so they fully cleaned house. It was really something to see  I’m sure glad we happened to be there cause I sure would have been disappointed if I hadn’t see it. I imagine that will be about the last of the air-raids.
   To go on with the story we started out after the raid was over and it took us two hours to get there, and when we got off they wanted some of us to go still further so Johnny and two others got on the cruiser and took off and three of us stayed there. We worked till about two o’clock and just as we got thru the barge pulled in to take us back. Johnny and the other two still haven’t come back, I’m beginning to worry about them, they knew they wouldn’t come back last nite but they were supposed to be in today.
   We got back just in time for supper and then I had to go on guard at six o’clock so you see I really do have a good excuse for not writing, don’t I? I still don’t know how I kept awake on guard, but somehow or other I did, thank the Lord.
   I and today off, so I stayed in bed till nine o’clock got up took the jeep and went down to pick up some parts, and so I rode around till lunch time. This Island sure is changing.
   Got a letter from you yesterday, it was written the 16th of Oct., at work. Gee hour really getting speedy when you can get up, dress, eat and get out of the house in fifteen minutes. I never did have to wait for you very often tho, you were usually ready in fact I think you spent more time waiting for me than I did for you, on some of those nites that I worked late.
   Well, Darling that’s about if for now, so be good and be happy. It won’t be long now. I love you,   
This photo was in the letter, but was not mentioned.

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