The War is Over WWII Letter England US Soldier 71st Infantry August 1945

England, August 1945,
That day is finally here. The one that we have been waiting for three and a half years. Remember the Sunday afternoon right after Sunday parade when we heard the news? How long ago does that seem to you? In some ways, it could have been only yesterday. But we were only a bunch of College Kids, not hardly dry behind the ears. Today, those of us who are still here, are grown men and women. And we still have a big job on our hands.
The Prime Minister made the announcement last night at midnight for a few minutes we were speechless and could hardly believe it was true. Then it hit us and we went wild laughing crying and yelling all at the same time. It was nearly four this morning when I got to bed and there was still those mixed emotions inside of me. And there still is. I haven’t known whether to laugh or cry but I’ve done both I just wish that all of those fellows who aren’t here could know just how swell a job they’ve done, and that those of us who are left will try to live up to the things they died for.
Yesterday was the nicest birthday I have ever had. I couldn’t have asked for a happier ending or a better present. It was all I wanted. This leave hasn’t been so bad after all. Three important things have happened to me. First I talked to you for five minutes. Second I started my twenty third year and third, it’s all over. When the fourth thing will happen I don’t know but it will be the day they tell us we’re going home. I don’t think it will be very long. Just a matter of months but every day will have twenty four long hours in it.
Love always,

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