USS Warrington Navy Sailor Letter 1939, Sunk in WWII 1944

This letter was written by a sailor aboard the USS Warrington, December 26, 1939, San Diego, California. The USS Warrington sank in a Hurricane, September 14. 1944. All men were lost, but a handful of officers, and less than 70 men. From the letter…..

   I received your card and note yesterday and I was a little surprised. Thanks a lot for the card, it’s nice to know you remembered. That excuse you used tho, I won’t accept it, you’ll have to do better than that., because the letter before the last one, you told me you didn’t get because you had move and that has been about six months ago. I was still glad to hear from you and I had made up my mind to wait a long time to ans. But we leave here the 2nd of Jan. and I’m afraid if I do I might not get another chance to ans. For a long time.
   This has been the worst Xmas I’ve ever spent since I’ve been in this Navy. Pat and I were both aboard all day. I guess we’ve still got a lot to be thankful for tho it could be a lot worse. My sentence is getting shorter though, I’ve only got a year six months left to do. Bill Dyer has only a couple of months to do and he wanted to go back to New York to ship over, but me and Pat have talked him into shipping over on the Warrington. It’s a dirty trick, but what would Pat and I do without him. Bill Wengle is in love with some girl out here and is supposed to get married during the holidays. He invited me out over the  weekend, but I can’t stand seeing him walk around in a daze because he was a nice guy once.
   We haven’t had any snow yet. The temperature gets up around 70 during the day. I would really freeze if I was back in New York. I guess this is all for now except give my regards to Doris and Kay, and ask Doris if her boy friend has made admiral yet and what ship is he on.


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