USS Princeton Navy Ship WWII Letter September 17, 1944

This letter was written by a sailor who was serving aboard the USS Princeton, in September of 1944, shortly before she was sunk. From the letter…..

   I hope you will be able to read this, but is doubtful. Your old man has a bum finger which makes it rather awkward to write. If you can’t make it out, send it back and I will try to decipher it for you.
   Well honey, I was glad to hear Pearl was married since that was what she wanted so bad. Just wait until this war is over. We’ll show them how to really live a married life, wont we? That is if you will still have a use for your truly.
   Are you trying to accuse me of trying to obtain pictures under false pretenses? So that’s how much you trust me. If you would rather, I will go back to my old style of writing all kidding aside, I am still waiting for that picture.
   You know dog-gone well what my old man meant when he said that. It has to be good or he wouldn’t have thought of it. He’s like his your son. He doesn’t have any bad thoughts either. What do you think?
   Say honey, remember the sea bag that I lost in Philly? Well, it has been found and my photograph album is on the way out here now. (remember the one I showed you?) If you want your picture to grace the front page of it, you had better get hot. No! for God’s sake don’t do that. Just send the picture, that will be enough.
   Well sweets, it’s time to go get my chow. I find it is rather hard to live on love alone, even though it does help, it just doesn’t fill an aching gullet.

Lots of Love and Kisses,    

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