USS LST 830 June 8 1945 Pacific WWII Letter

This letter was written by a sailor, who served aboard the USS LST 830. The letter was written June 8, 1945. He was writing to his sister, who was a Lieutenant with the 38th General Hospital. From the letter…..

   I am writing this underway. We were in port a couple days ago and we expect to reach our next port sometime tomorrow.
   Believe it or not I s pent a whole day on solid land in our last port. We were beached and we secured a truck to get supplies. It was about a 25 mile ride through jungle and coconut groves to the supply depot. This island was the best for scenery we have come across so far. We past a few native villages and they were thatched hutted and very neat. We could see the natives fishing along the reefs. From what we could see the natives didn’t have much trouble with their wardrobe, all most of them wore was a bright colored loin cloth. We secured about a two months supply of coca-cola there. This is the first coca-cola we have had in two months and better than the coke from the states as it is bottled in a place on the island run by the service, and they use a little more syrup. We also were able to get newer motion pictures. Each of the ships start out with a couple feature pictures and trade them with other ships usually but on this island they had a regular film exchange. There were a lot of British Navy there and they are cute boys in their short trousers.
   Well it looks as though we are going to freight supplies around some of the established islands for a while. We are not near any of the major action now. The last trip and this one have been very quiet, nice wither and very calm sea. All most of us have been wearing are bathing trunks and shoes. We will pass for n.... soon. 
   The B-29 bombers are still giving Japan hell and with all the airfields in Okinawa in our hands they have started to bomb from there. One high Army officer of the air corps said that when they were through bombing Japan all she would be was a menace to navigation.
   We didn’t get but about a handful of letters in our last port and if they have to chase us all over the Pacific to find us our mail will be slow again.

So long for now,  

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