USS LST 830 June 1945 WW2 Letter

This letter was written by a sailor who was serving aboard the USS LST 830, in June of 1945, when he wrote this letter. He was writing to his sister, who was an Lt. with the 38th General Hospital. From the letter…..

     Dear Mil,

   Here I am again. Your little pacific wanderer because we sure are wandering all over this ocean. We sure don’ stay put long. We hag been on five different beaches in the last 20 days. We had a jolly good time in some of our stops with the Aussies and New Zealanders. Everything has been a bloody this sand a bloody that and then a fond “cheerio” and all that stuff old boy. I even had a spot of tea with a couple of the. They taught me a new way to catch fish in the last island and Aussie officer showed me hot it was done. All you do is walk along the shore till yo see a school of fish then you hand them your calling card in the form o f hand grenade. When the splash is over, all you have to do is pick up the fish. Much less mess than handling bait and quicker too.
   All our last stops have been very quiet places. Movies, double features on deck every night, beer parties, swimming parties and ball games a plenty. We have also visited a lot of native villages and are they black creatures. They don’t’ have anything to trade but a few shells and all they want is cigarettes. If they are big enough to crawl they smoke. All of them have red teethe from chewing beetle nut and it adds to their charm when they smile.
   We are in port now but will be leaving for another island about a days trip from there tomorrow morning so this letter will be mailed from there. I don’t know when we will get mail again. They did have our mail here but they sent it somewhere else just before we arrived. Also the guy who hand out the dough is hard to find. We have been paid once since May. I don’ be drawing much anyhow. I have a $50.00 bond beside the $50.00 allotment coming out now. Well I hope to get your next letter from an address in the states.

So long, 

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