USS LST 830 Green Island WWII Letter

This letter was written by a sailor who was serving aboard the USS LST 830, in July of 1945. He was writing to his sister who was a Lt. with the 38th general hospital. From the letter……

   We are in port after a two week trip. It is a large port and we hit the jackpot as far as mail going. I had about 35 letters, five of them from you and about sixteen from mother and of course a few from Dolly and a couple of other prospects.
   The pictures you sent were very nice. The hat looks especially snappy. You might as well send your winter uniforms home. I can tell you all the places we stopped on our last more or less South Sea cruise. Here they are in order. Manus Island, Green Island, Bougainville, Russell Island, Guadalcanal, Espiritu Santo. We have traveled about 22,000 miles since we left Pittsburgh figuring our last trip. We aren’t at fast ship so that means a lot of days at sea.
   I’m glad mother is settled in the apartment and can take it easy for a few months. It must have been a job getting moved with out being able to get any help.
   From the clippings from the press that mother encloses in her letters, a lot of A.C. boys are being discharged on points. I guess Johnny is glad to be out. How long has Earl been in your hospital now, shouldn’t he be going home soon?
   Here is a picture of the 830 on the beach at Green Island. It looks like a Dorothy Lamour setting.
   A couple of the boys just came in to serenade us with aid of a guitar to the tune of “I wish I were single again”. Another guitar just walked in and they are “Seeing Nellie Home”.
   The news is still good. We heard a radio broadcast from a capitol ship laying right off Japan. They had caught the Japs flat footed with carrier based planes an destroyed a lot of air bases with a 2,000 plane raid. What they did to Germany is…..*note: this part was cut out by the censor*…….
   Ray is over here somewhere for a B-29 crew. I wouldn’t be to sure but my guess is that he is in Saipan. At present he has a transient A.P.O. so I can’t ell for use.
   I am also enclosing a portion of a ships publication on our part of the Okinawa invasion. The part I am leaving out is a day to day account of the time of each General Quarters.

Get the hell home, Love,

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