USS Brisol Pacific WWII Letter July 1945

This letter was written by a sailor serving on the USS Bristol, “Somewhere in the Pacific”, July 21, 1945. From the letter…..

Dearest Mother and Dad,

   Last night it was Mutiny on the Bounty as our move: Charles Laughton as “Captain Bligh.” Remember we saw that five times in 35 and 36 and photographed the Bounty and Pandora side by side in dry dock at Wilmington, California. I was very happy to see that excellent picture again. And now I know a little more what was meant by various things in the movie. I don’t see how I could have understood much of it before when I didn’t know much about the sea. Right now I know all I care to about his. This has been enough for me. But I’m out here to do my part in whipping the Japanese, and I don’t think it will take too much longer. I surely hope not.
   We have also had two Army-Navy Screen Magazines: #51, and 55. I imagine you have seen them. Every evening we have had some beautiful sunsets and I know you haven’t seen them! There have always been a lot of clouds up in the sky and they have cast some beautiful reflections on these oil-slicked waters.
   I wouldn’t be at all surprised if something comes from that picture Mutiny on the Bounty. The Captain saw it. I hope he don’t  take my coral specimens for the President as Captain Bligh took Christian’s pearls for the crown. 
   The Homes projector on this ship is, in my estimation, a pile of junk. It is not as good as our Bell and Howell by a long shot. I’m surely glad I’m not operating it, I have enough work to do as it is.
   Again, I repeat, we have beautiful sunsets here. I never get up to see the sun rise but I have seen many beautiful sunsets.
   I think I can say a little about our daily routine. Reveille is at 6 AM, but I rarely hear it. I get up around 0700. Breakfast follows immediately. Then at 0800 we have muster in formation by divisions or muster on station. I belong to “R” Division, all personnel in my field and operators for it. We receive instructions and orders for the day then, at 1130, “chow is down” meaning lunch. Then any more rush orders or special work. Darken ship at sunset when at sea or have movies when in port. Then I always take a shower before retiring. I bought a pair of bath slippers for then. The showers are individual and have both hot and cold fresh water. I usually take a refreshing cold shower as it isn’t icy. I shave every other day. I bought a new plastic razor which is pretty good. I get about four shaves out of each double edged blade.  

Sunday…Last night the movie was “Diamond Horseshoe” with Dick Haymes and Betty Grable. It was in Technicolor but just fair. There was a color “Donald Duck” cartoon which was good.
   This morning I want to church service on the tender nearby. I shall send the program if I can. The chaplain was from one of the islands nearby. He gave a very nice sermon on “the Peacemakers;” I enjoyed the whole service a lot.
   Tonight I shall try to see another movie, I don’t know which. That’s all for awhile.

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