US Coast Guard U.S.S. LST 830 WWII Letter May 1945

This letter was written by a sailor, who was serving aboard the USS LST 830. He was writing to his sister, who was a Lieutenant Nurse. The letter was written May 12, 1945. From the letter……

   I’m not saying much in my letters home but we are out in enemy territory and did a little bit to further the war effort in the last month. We have had some real action and so far we have been lucky. We are in a quiet port now and it is like coming in out of a storm.
   We has over 72 air raids in 26 days and some times we were at general quarters for three and four hours. One night we were at our battle stations from 8:00 PM to 4:00 AM with about an hour break in between. It feels good now to sleep with our cloths off and ba able to take a shower without general quarters sounding in the middle of it.
   All that can be said of Japanese pilots is that they are lousy. They don’t seem to be able to hit within a mile of where they aim their bombs. So far I have seen 14 Jap planes come flaming down. We are suppose to have credit for one and possibly another. Our anti-aircraft defense is damned good. One of our pilots on a navy plane said that he had been in both theaters of war and that compared to the Germans the Jap pilots were like shooting ducks. All you had to do was find one and he was a dead one. I sure take off my hat to the navy and marine pilots. They are doing a terrific job. I guess you hear about the Navy hospital ship “Comfort” getting hit.
   Well we were very pleased over Germany’s surrender. We also heard on the radio that the European Air Force is headed this way. The Japs are losing on all fronts out here and it shouldn’t take too long to finish them. How can one nation hope to win a victory with the whole world against them.
   The day of Germany’s surrender was the first time I stet foot on shore since March 12. We had a little celebration with a ball game which rained out and about 4 cans of beer per man which is very rare. It has been scorching hot the last few days. We have been allowed to go swimming off the ship. We open the bow doors and ramp and dive right in. The water is a little warmer than I like but it is something to do.
   I hope to hear that you are home. Our mail is still held up some where although we did get a few. All I got was an election ballot so far.
   So long for now. Say a prayer once in a while and keep your fingers crossed and we might be back home for good in not too many months.


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