San Angelo Army Air Field WWII Letter Bombardier letterhead 1943

This letter was written by an Air Cadet, who was worried about washing out as a pilot. The letter was written from San Angelo Army Air Field, on Bombardier School Letterhead, March 23, 1943. From the letter…..

Dear Mother and Dad:

   This is going to be a shore letter but will be better than none at all. I was awfully sorry to hear about Aunt Sadie but I think that she is better off. I don’t know why I wanted any pictures down her and I think I will send one back. I can get all the gum I want here and can get a coupon for a new pair of shoes anytime I want a pair so I think I will get a pair. Did you give a picture to Kelly? You can give some to those whom you know would appreciate them because that’s about all I have to offer. How much were they? Hubert is at a pretty good field and it is in a pretty good section of Georgia and is a lot better. They have instructors here and a fellow has to have exceedingly high rank and usually they are college graduates. I doubt very much if I get through now because my eyes are still lousy and the remark was made between two officers that 33% of this class would be washed out. About that amount was washed from the previous class, the field is about 8 miles from San Angelo and they have nearly new busses on the line.
   Of course give Freddie one if he wants because he probably wants to plant some corn this summer. I sure wish I was home to drive you down wouldn’t it be like old times? I guess the longer I am away from home the more I want to be home. Did you write to the lady in Houston or to the Minister? Polly told me how nice the rolls were and she is pretty fussy as I know. It didn’t take long for Gerald to move did it, but I think that he will receive additional training. I look forward to your letter more and more as time goes on. I hope everything is fine at home and that everyone feels OK. Will write again as soon as I can and I will keep you posted.

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