Saipan 870th Bomb Squadron, 497th Bomb Group August 2, 1945

This letter was written by an Army Airman who was based at Saipan, on August 2, 1945. He was with the 870th Bomb Squadron, 497th Bomb Group. From the letter…..

   Well, hope that everything is still alright back there. I went on my first mission last night. Went to Toyama, Japan. That was really a large fire. The whole target was burning. Toyama is about the same size as Macon or maybe a little larger. You can imagine about how it would look burning. Have 34 (24?) more to go now.  We have really been enjoying this swimming out here in the ocean. The sun is pretty hot so its pretty easy to blister.
   This time three years ago, we were going to college. That was really the life. But didn’t realize it then.
   There isn’t very much to write about around this place so I guess I will quit now.

Be good, 

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