Okinawa USS LCI (R) 648 WWII Letter

This letter was written by a sailor who was serving aboard the USS LCI (R) 648, on  April 3, 1945. For some unknown reason the sailor put the wrong year on the date. It was dated 1944, instead of 1945. I have ran across several letters in my time that had the wrong date. I think considering the stress they were under, it is understandable. From the letter…….

Dear Mom and family,

   Well dear, I know I haven’t written form some time but we’ve only stopped at two places where we could leave out going mail and I posted a letter to you all at one of them.  
   I suppose by now you’ve read and heard all about Okinawa and wondered whether or not I was there- wonder no farther I was there in fact I got a port holes view of the invasion (and only a secondary phase of it at that) from the pilot house. I presume you know by now rockets is our specialty- well we fired the dammed things all day and certainly dug up the hillside and that was about all. We’ve made a “Cook’s ?” of the island yesterday and today getting close views of the main beachheads and it all certainly is impressive.
   I understand we’re allowed to say we were here up until the army takes over and sets up a military govt. and then we can’t say where we are. Boy you never saw such a varied collection of ships. I’ve forgotten what the name of Mike’s hospital ship is but I guess it is here as there are quite a few anchored out there. Also Bob’s LSM is out here. We passed within 500 yards of it this morning and I looked at it thru glasses  but couldn’t see him. I got your V-mail and air mail (Mar. 9 and 12) the same day- over about as quick as the other not much difference. Also I got a letter from Marjorie with some pictures of the snow around Wash. Sq. one was a picture of Dad shoveling out by the mail box. Ask him why he had a sour look on his face. I thought he loved shoveling snow.
   In your V-mail you never said whether Jean was getting married to Pinkey or somebody else. Well, I guess the worst part of the winter is over, and spring should be in sight if not at hand. See if you can get the news from Lukey about Bill also about Donnie and Bill Brown. Right now we’re listening to Radio Tokyo, news in, it’s really a scream according to them the invasion of Okinawa was repulsed, it’s quite a laugh.
   Well that’s all I can think of now, you know how it is, never can think o much to say till after the letter is mailed but I’ll write soon as we’ll be here quite some time I hear.

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