Okinawa 49th Field Artillery WWII letter June 1945

This letter was written June 13, 1945, by a Corporal who was on Okinawa at the time. He was with Battery B, 49th Field Artillery. From the Letter.....

    I just received your June 2 letter. It made good time, only 10 days getting here isn’t bad at all.
    I will answer some of your questions. The grass here look like swamp grass only it isn’t so tall or course. Looks as it would be good pasture. There are horses, goats and hogs here but I have seen no cattle.
    There is lots of pine trees (They do not grow tall) and others I don’t know. Some of the places here on the mountains are as bare as the road, you have seen places like it in France where all the vegetation even the grass has been blown away by artillery. You read in the papers where this was the greatest artillery battle in the Pacific, and it has been just that. Pretty rough at times.
I am well and getting along as good as can be. Since the war department announced the point system, makes everyone feel better. I have more than the required 85 pints so I should get out sometime. Hope I can be home for quail hunting this year.
    How far the surrender of Germany effected the rationing and production of civilian good. Can you see any change? I read in the news where the R.E.A. got the “go ahead” signal if I remember correctly there was a large (?) for that work. What do you think of the Missouri Valley project? I read a lot about it in the sporting magazines. They don’t seem to think enough consideration is given to the wild life. If they protect the fish and game I would think it a great thing. It will be considerably larger than the F.V.A.
    From your letters I take it this will be a good crop year if you get a rain before long. I hope you have had the rain. It is time for a good crop year.
    I hope you are all well. I expect to hear from you again soon.
Your Friend, John

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