Navy Seabee, Camp Holiday, Gulfport Mississippi WWII Letter

This letter was written by a Navy Seabee, who was writing from Camp Holiday, Gulfport Mississippi. The letter was written January 24, 1944. He was with the 572nd Naval Construction Battalion. From the letter…..

Howdy my Darling:

   How are you tonight? I hope you feel better than I do. I have a cold and headache in other words, I feel like hell. I started to school again today. To a water purification school. I will go through Sat. the 29th.
    I went up and talked to the officer tonight about a leave, and he said that a 38 hr. was all he could give. I told him I couldn’t use a 38 hr, so he told me to come back and talk to him the last of this week. So keep your fingers crossed. I sure hope it works. I wish your Dad would five me his choice of Shreveport and the other place he was talking about meeting me. In case it goes through I will try to call you. I will talk to him again Thursday or Friday. So pray for me and keep your fingers crossed. I am laying in my bunk writing so will just quit and to to sleep.

Worlds of love,  

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