Mother looking for Son Missing in Action WWII Home Front Letter

This letter was written by a mother who’s son was missing in action. She was writing to a soldier in Fort Sam Hospital, trying desperately to find out about her son. From the letter…..

Dear Sir:

   I will introduce myself. I am the mother of the Clifford ?, Aviation Ordnance man Third Class U.S. Naval Reserve who was reported missing in action on July 20, 1943 on a night mission on Vella Lavalli (Lavella) Islands. I read a piece in Marvin Star where you were wounded on July 25. I was wondering if by any chance you would know anything about him. His pilot Winn and radio man Reynolds are also missing. This is an awful worry on me. He was only 18 years when reported missing. He was a Naval Gunner. His commanding officer wrote me a nice letter he was well liked by all his buddies.
   I am sorry you are in the hospital but hope you a speedy recovery. I have another son a radio man in Army Core in California. He is 21. Your home is not far from us. My husband was Marshal her for nearly 8 years.
   If you know anything concerning my son. Would like to hear from you if you are able to write. Hope you will soon be able to be home again. God bless you and help you.


Kafkasrecruit said...

Winn (William Richard Winn, Jr.), the pilot, was my maternal aunt's first husband. Aircraft and crew never found according to my family's recollection. I have inquired about getting copies of the accident report. I believe Winn had already exceeded his required flight hours and he and his crew volunteered for this additional mission.

The Reptile Guy said...

Thanks so much for sharing this information. There are so many stories that never get told, or get lost in the vastness of WWII history. It is wonderful that someone still remembers them.
If you find any more information, please come back and share.
We owe them....all of them, so much