Luzon, 288th Ordnance WWII Letter June 17, 1945

This letter was written by soldier who was with the 288th Ordnance M.M. Company. He was somewhere on Luzon when he wrote the letter, June 17, 1945. From the letter…..

Dear Uncle Carl and Family,

   I receive a nice letter from you today sure enjoyed your letter. Yes, I have enough points to come home I have 90 but that is not enough to make it yet. Some have left that had over a 100 I may be able to make it in a few months.
   Things at present are really on the move so we can be on the way to Tokyo, so I really don’t expect to make it home for some time.
   Yes, we are all pretty sore about the inflation at home. It about clips all our wings to be able to start up again.
   I expect to make you a visit when I do tet home, as I expect to be pretty restless for a while. I imagine life will seem slow to me once I get home as we have some kind of excitement most all the time.
    I have seen some real sights up near the front, some artillery barrages that shook the earth for a long way away. I have seen Japs try to run away you see them start to run and then a shell will burst and you won’t see no one no more. I went hunting them one time. We got ten with the help of an alligator after we surrounded them, and permission from our C.O. before we went. I have done a lot of work since we came up here  in the mountains sure was a beautiful place before it was all tore to pieces.
   We have been getting pretty good food of late we had fired chicken for dinner today creamed asparagus pear and sliced peaches not bad for a ? dinner do you think, we have been getting very good food since we came to Luzon.
   Life here is just like at home when it come to temperatures just like early fall or late spring.
   We have a movie inside in what was a very nice theater at one time the first show I seen inside in a long time. Special Service sure have been a God’s send in many a way to all of us. When you were over seas many a boy would of went hay wire if it were not for the many things they furnish.
   Inflation is rampant over here a pair of cheap wooden shoes are worth 5 pesos or $2.50 in American money. The red cross is doing a lot for the people but they are so irresponsible live only for the day and the day afterward. They all  think we are rich and will keep them like poor relation.
   Well I hope to see you before to many months. Keep well and I will be seeing you.
Yours truly,

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