LST 830 Okinawa 1945 WWII letter

 This letter Was written by a sailor who was involved in the invasion of Okinawa, he was writing to his sister, who was a Lt. Nurse. From the letter.......

Well, we are resting quietly after our Okinawa invasion and getting back to normal. It is Sunday and it has been a very hot day. The bow doors and ramp were open in the afternoon and quite a few of us went in swimming. I guess you have heard a little about the type of enemy we have met out here. They have no regard for their own lives at all. We had suicide planes, suicide boats, and suicide swimmers to contend with at Okinawa. We had a straight cargo of ammunition for the invasion and we had to anchor along with five other ships in a cove about 20 miles from the beachhead till they could handle us. Suicide planes came in and picked off four out of the six. Us and a smaller L.S.M. were the only ones that got away. We had a lot of air attacks after that but that was our worst time. Of course I’m not saying anything like this in my letters home to Mother. Some L.S.T.s that have been out here over a year haven’t seen the action we did in that one invasion. We have good anti-aircraft and can sure get a lot of ack-ack in the air if necessary. When we were on the beach there were so many ships in one bunch that a plane didn’t have a chance getting us. All the ships opened up at once and a Jap rally hit a buzz saw. Well it is all water under the bridge now and we have all profited by it.
   I heard from Mother that my old girl friend Kay was married, that was some time about the first of the year. I had received a Christmas card from her just before. What do you know? Mother sends me a clipping from an April press that she was the mother of a baby boy. Now I think that is mighty fast work, don’t you? You should know the guy she married. His name is Vincent. He use to go with that heavy set girl Violet who worked in the High School Library. He was in H.S. with both of us.
   Well get yourself a one way ticket home and I’ll do the same about the end of the year. You might even bring a husband with you.


*Note: Also included with this letter was a two page detailed account of what the USS L.S.T. 830 did during the Okinawa invasion*
1. The U.S.S. L.S.T. 830 was within sight of and due south of demonstration group off the southeast coast of Okinawa at approximately 0730 on Monday 2 April 1945 which was D plus one day. At 0940 the L.S.T. 830 was detached from the task force to proceed to Kerama Retto for further orders.
2. ON Friday 6 April between 1515 and 1930 the L.S.T. 830 while anchored in N.W. anchorage, witnessed the attack, destruction and damage resulting from four Kamikaze (Suicide) planes.
3. On Sat. 7 April 1945 the L.S.T. 830 proceeded independently from Kerama Retto to the Western beaches of Okinawa. Enroute a Jap plane flying overhead attracted U.S. firs which let to the hospitalization of four of the six men stationed at gun #6. This occurred between 0744 and 0800.
4. On Sunday April the 8th 1945 at 2008 the L.S.T. 830 beached at purple beach and on Monday 9 April 1945 retracted at 0315.
5. From 2100 Wed. 11 April to 1556 Thursday 19 April the L.S.T. 830 discharged her cargo of ammunition on Orange Beach.
6. On Sat. 21 April 1945 the L.S.T. 830 returned to Kerama Retto to take on cargo of empty shell cases and cartridge cases from such capitol ships as the USS New York and the USS Texas.
7. On Sunday 29 April 1945 the L.S.T. 830 departed in convoy from the Okinawa operation.
8. A review of the stay of the L.S.T. 830  at Okinawa reveals the following facts. (a) 14 days at Okinawa (b) 7 days at Orange Beach discharging cargo.

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John Connell said...

I have pictures and names of the crew, Tom Connell was my father, he was a chief machinist mate, Joe Wielert was the boat captain. if you want more info, let me know.