Lockbourne Army Air Base, Columbus Ohio WWII Letter 1942

This letter was written by a soldier in training at Lockbourne Army Air Base, Columbus Ohio, December 4, 1942. From the letter…..

   Well I received your letter newspaper and dad’s letter today, but no boxes. Also I got my paper for Sunday.
   Our new officers came in last night and I think we are to meet them in about 20 minutes at one o’clock.
   We have our own mess hall now and the food is excellent as a matter of fact we had fish today and I enjoyed it. So it must have been good.
   Not to worry you but hold your breath, we might be moving again I fear. If we do though I will probably know before you get his letter, and as soon as I find out I’ll call someone of you at home. Don’t worry too much the boxes may come tonight in the 4 o’clock mail.
   I may be home next week or the week after don’t forget. We went to see Tony Pastors orchestra the other night. He is lousy.
   Did Don call yesterday? He said he would. The corporal gave me a queer look yesterday and told me that I had the best voice in the outfit for giving commands. I hope I don’t get to be a drill Sergeant.
   I think I’ll go to see “Whit Cargo” in Columbus tonight. I stayed here all day and night yesterday and it was about all I could stand.
   Well, I haven’t much more to say. I wrote Aunt Isabel yesterday, and also Roy. Tell dad it was so cold here the thermometers all broke.


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