LCI (L) Flotilla Two (STAFF) WWII Letter 1944

This letter was written by a sailor, who was serving with LCI (L) Flotilla Two (STAFF). The letter was written August 14, 1944. From the letter…..

Just to inform you that I’m still very much alive and am in the best of health in spite of the fact, that I haven’t written several days. Had several days leave, went to the city where Sleepy Joe’s son is stationed, but had no luck in locating him. It was just like looking for a needle in a hay-stack, so I gave up all hopes of meeting him, visited several internationally known places and then when the pubs opened, I fell in, and there, after making acquaintance with several Army Air Corps men, I remained, needless to say, drinking until the pub closed It was known as the American Bar, catering to only American Military personnel, the nearest thing to a typical American bar. Felt as if I were back in the States. After the joint closed, we (five of us) rode a cab to Covent Gardens, (dance hall). Being half lit up I dared to dance. Had a good time, but I wish you were there. Spent about 35 dollars, don’t regret it.
   Thank your folds for the tow packages which I’ve received. The candy was in good shape and so were the contents of the other package.
   I received a letter from Stanley (brother). It certainly was a surprise, said, that he’d so be transferred and had hopes that it would be to Wisconsin and that if it were true, he’d stand a good chance of going home at least once a month. Judging from his letter, I think the Army life has done him a lot of good, even more than the Navy had done for me, or how do you feel about me? Do you think that I’ll be a better man when this is over with? I mention the fact in practically all my letters, and I promise to be better and I certainly hope that I’ll remember what all I have written in every letter. You don’t doubt me a bit do you Dear/ I don’t see why I should even mention this, as you always were an will be my one and only. Let‘s seal this with a great big kiss and a tight squeeze. I love you dear.
   Have a few more letters to write, so until tomorrow, good nite darling,

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