Japan 8th Army Military Government Section WWII Letter

This letter was written by a Lieutenant who was with the 8th Army Military Government Section, as part of the Army of Occupation. The letter was written, April 14, 1946. From the letter.....

Dear Mother & Daddy,
    I was rather looking forward to getting out into some sun today since it is Sunday, but it has been very cloudy all day. It is just like it was at Knox during winter before last., snow or rain every Sat. and Sun., with the only difference being that it seems to have lasted longer here. Oh well, I guess there is no place in the world like Florida, and I have been spoiled by living there all my life— hmm?
    The Dog called up this afternoon from the sticks with some most gratifying news. He said that he had talked with the Division Adjutant General yesterday who had said that we were scheduled to be on the way in June. I’m not in favor of this general exodus, but I’m certainly not foolish enough to volunteer to stay. I strongly suspect that many of the congressmen have threatened to take a big cut out of the army’s appropriations, and the WD is worries about being stuck with a lot of troops and officers. Psychologically, it isn’t very good for the troops to rush them home so fastly, for those that have to stay are discouraged and begin to complain, those that are in the regular army question if they did the right thing after all.
    Last Monday I ran into a Lt. I had in the OCS class I left to come overseas. He is in the service group for G.H.Q. He lives just down the street, and has been over here only a few weeks. This afternoon he phoned and wanted to know if I was busy, if not, he would come over to see me. We had quite a long talk. I think he was very glad to see someone he knew since most of the rest of the class went to Germany, and even if it was me.
    I forgot to tell you that Cone phoned me again last Sunday. He wanted to know who he should write to concerning getting a student job in dairying. I told him Daddy would be the one to write, so I guess he has already written you.
    The Occupation Forces can get any equipment from the Jap government they want, of course, and any other item from any of the Zaibatsu’s numerous businesses. All you have to do is fill out a procurement demand, and pick up the stuff. Well, as is to be expected, the Japs are rather carried away with the Occupation, so about anything goes. A lot of these tactical troops go into any of the little places they like and take what they want. Just to keep the Jap from screaming too loud, they always give the Jap owner a receipt for the property. When the Jap presents it to the Jap government  for reimbursement, naturally they won’t honor it, and he eventually comes to Military Government with his sad story. Everyday we get pencil receipts, on any kind of paper to the effect that “the following goods have been commandeered for use during the Occupation, after which they will be returned” signed Capt Geo Washington, Commander Mickey Mouse, etc. About all we can do is laugh and tell them it is just tough.
    Take care of yourselves,
    Lots of Love,

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