Concentration Camp Austria 260th Infantry WWII Letter

This letter was written by a PFC, who was in Company F, 260th Infantry, in July of 1945. He was in a “Camp” at the time he wrote the letter. I am not sure if the camp was a liberated concentration camp, or a camp for the wounded, but from the letter, it appears that there were many people in bad shape. From the letter…..

I am writing you a few lines to let y know that I received your letter and glad to hear that you are alright and doing fine and still working everyday and that Blacky has been transferred to the seventh army and is still in Germany, and is getting along alright as I have written to him and maybe he hasn’t gotten my mail yet. I am alright and still in Austria, how long nobody knows as far as that moving I was telling you about in my last letter, it looks like we are going to be stationed at this camp for a while yet, but as far as that question you asked in your letter about whether our division was among that list, yes it is the eighth one from the end it was the 65th Division which will be held until after the first of the year but as far as the old personnel, such as I and the rest of the fellow that came over with it is doubtful as they are slowly shipping us out to other outfits and some are going direct to the States for 30 days furlough then for reassignment to new outfits or replacement to the South Pacific. I don’t know how far away from Blacky I am as I think we are about a hundred and a few miles inside of the Austrian border. They sure was some sights at this camp when we first got here but most of the people that were well and able to walk have been sent home and the ones left are on the way to getting well or they are so far gone that the medics are waiting for them to die, the only thing that’s keeping some of them alive is the medic. As soon as they stop treating them they are gone. Of about 17,000 that were in this camp there are only 1250 left in it. They said they are going to  put P.W.s in it after it gets empty of the other people.
   Glad to hear Mr. ? is up and around and has gone back to work so when you seem them, tell them I was asking for them and hoping that they are all well.
   You said Blacky was drinking a lot. I am glad to hear that they have that much to drink where he is at as where we are at all we don’t even have good beer, the people in camp drink benzene which they use for fuel to run their cars with and quit a few GI drink it to so I don’t drink so much. Well take care of yourself and don’t work to hard especially the house work so until alter and hoping I hear from you,

Your Pal,

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