British Royal Air Force, India WWII Letter 1944

This letter was written by an LAC, with the British Royal Air Force, in India, November 19, 1944. From the letter…..

   Dear Mum,

   Here I am back at camp again, so I’m able to write a few more letters. This is to thank you for the one you wrote on the 7th Nov. I had it two days ago, but as we were moving back into camp I didn’t have much chance of writing before.
   It was good to sleep on a bed again, after sleeping on the deck for a fortnight, my sleep was spoilt by the fact that I was put on guard last night. I think it was a bit thick of them to put me on after being away from the camp for so long, but I suppose someone had to do it. I shall be able to get to town tonight, it didn’t make much difference last night as they stopped the lories going down town anyway.
   We had a pretty good time while we whereon the scheme I had plenty of work to do, so I didn’t get much time off. I managed to have a try at swimming in a small stream, which was near the camp, I still haven’t learnt but am getting better I hope! I expect we shall be going over again soon, but I hope that we shall be back by Xmas.
   Many thanks for your letter, so glad to hear from you and to know that you are all keeping will, I hope this letter will find you still in the best of health so at the time of writing it leaves me the same, yes you did give me a surprise in your other letter, still I guess they have made up their minds, so you must let them carry on and not worry too much about it. It seems a pity that she should chose someone who lives such a long way from home, but if she does get married and go over there, I think she will be a good girl and come home to see you sometimes. For myself I wish them lots of luck and hope they will be very happy together.
   I’m very glad that Peggy has been round to see you, and that you showed her the saps what does she think of them? She like them I hope! I had a letter from her the other day, wonders will never cease, maybe she thinks of me sometimes.
   I never get the letter in which you told me about the stuff on the garden still I’m very glad to hear that the stuff did well, including my pears? You lucky people. I’ve had a letter from L.W. also and Xmas card, he’s keeping in the bets of health he sends his bets wishes to you all.
   It looks as if I’m at the end of the letter so I must say Cheerio for now keep smiling.

Lots of Love and Kisses,

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