99th Squadron, 441st Group WWII Letter 1944

This letter was written August 21, 1944, by a soldier who was with the 99th Squadron, 441st Group. From the letter…..

   Just received a stack of mail today. I have been feasting on the letters . They sure cam at good time.
   It has been raining for a number of days. I am sitting in a tent up to my knees in mud. It isn’t quite that bad. I sleep under 5 blankets and think about the people back home sweltering in the heat.
   Say, that peanut butter sure tasted good. I ate nearly all of it at the first sitting. Soon as I finished eating all the peanut butter in came a package from uncle Lon and aunt Mary full of nut Hershey’s your package will probably be here in a day or so. Guess what I received in a package from mother the other day? A can of chili and a bottle of ketchup. Two of my friends and I cooked the chili night before last. Quite a treat.
   Don’t get me wrong am more or less on my honor. Anyway we are doing right well.
   I am going to write Mickey a letter tonight. I guess he is well on his way. Boy! That b-29 is sure a ship. And radar is a wonderful thing. I might meet him over there.
   I am glad Bean Bobby is happy in her new home. Is Ruth Ellen and Tom still in Houston? Hard to believe those kids are grown. Hell! I still feel like a 20 year old. Sure be glad when we can ll get together again and go on a picnic or go to the club café and eat a big juicy steak.
   Don’t know rather I told you or not about my rest leave in Scotland. Boy! What a wonderful place. Some of the prettiest girls I have ever seen, and the sweetest people. I hope to go back before I leave this country. I saw the castle in Edinburgh where Queen Mary lived. She was the one that got her head cut off. Poor thing. If she was as sweet as the rest of the Scotch people I am mad at Queen Elizabeth. 
   I received two letters from Aunt Allie also one from Dad.
   Wish my aunts could have been with me up in Scotland. They would have got a kick out of those Scotsmen funning around in skirts, and the way the people talk. Their speech is much softer than ours. My uncles would get a kick out of the Frenchmen. The way they throw their hands around trying to tell you something.
   Here is a picture of me. The one on the right is yours truly. This is what you call double bicycle tow behind a motor cycle. Picture was taken at my last field. One man taken of a front view and sent home to the paper. The army wanted to show the people what a glider pilot does on his day off. As you can see I have broadened considerably.
   We had a party the other night. I got drunk and tore things up. Cost me. This beer over here is awful. Sure would like to have some good American beer. That is one main thing we are ll looking forward to. Ask any soldier over here. “What is the first thing you are going to d when you get back?” 99 out of 100 will say, “Drink a bottle of American bee.”

That’s all folks, Goodnight.      

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