965th Field Artillery Battalion WWII Letter Germany

This letter was written by a soldier who was with Battery A 965th Field Artillery Battalion. He was in Germany when he wrote the letter on May 24, 1945. From the letter…..

Hello Darling,

  How’s my most beautiful wife and lovely daughter feeling today. I hope and pray that your in the very best of health as I want you to be. Darling we were told that tour mail will not be censored anymore while over here. So now I can write without some one else reading which I wish to tell you.
    Darling the reason I’m writing early is that I’ve been up since 1:30 A.M. this morning. We had to get up that early to go and process thirty thousand prisoners. I believe I have to go again tokomak so tonight I’m  going to try and go to bed early. That’s why I’m writing at such an early hour. I’ve got another pistol off a prisoner making two pistols I have now. I also got another camera. I also borrowed a wrist watch from one of the prisoners it’s not much of a watch. I might give it away.
   I don’t know if I’ll be able to take the pistol home but I believe I can with the camera. Darling I also got a little news to tell you we just were told ourselves last night.
   Our Battalion received two more battle stars giving us fellows in the outfit ten more points. Which makes me seventy nine points now instead of 69. I happen to be six points short of a discharge. All in all, we have five battle stars each star giving us five points.  The most any outfit in the E.T.O. could get on battle stars for the fighting on the ? is five. Which means you had to be in every campaign that took place. So you can see now darling that we were really busy fighting when I couldn’t find time to write.
   Last week we were taken out of the “First Army” after fighting with them for seven months. We are now in the Ninth Army. The biggest army in the world. At present we are across the Elbe river up in the “British” section. When we were fighting with the “First Army” we were with the Ninth Division, the first boys to meet the Russians. After we had met up with the Russians, we were sent up here to help the British cross the Elbe river. Darling if I get home on furlough your in for lots of hell. I don’t believe I’ll let you try and rest a minute.
   Well, Darling I’m going to close until I write again tomorrow,

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