919th Field Artillery Germany WWII Letter March 1, 1945

This Letter was written March 1, 1945, by Sgt. who was in Germany, with the 919th Field Artillery. From the letter.....
   Received your letter of Feb 20th to-day. I was sure glad to receive it, too, because this was the first letter from you in two days.
    Well, Honey, according to all reports, which you no doubt have already heard over the radio and read in your daily newspaper, the Western Front is still on the big push and the Germanys are going back farther into Germany every day.
    In the past few days I have seen hundreds and hundreds of German prisoners here. It seems they can’t  carry them away from the front lines fast enough.
    To day being the 1st day of March, is my brothers birthday. He is now twenty-five years old.
    When, tomorrow, anytime, I get the chance, morning, noon or night, I will write you another letter. It maybe long, it maybe short, but just as time permits, those letters of mine to you must get through.
    Remember, I love you very much and if at anytime some of my letters don’t sound interesting or just right, please excuse them. Because, where I am now, and where I maybe tomorrow, the next day or week, time will tell. And sometimes under conditions it is hard to think strait.
    And please, Honey, remember too, that we are no longer in France or England, but in Germany enemy territory. All my love,  

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