8th Army Military Goverment Army of Occupation WWII Letter Eisenhower

Dear Mother and Daddy,
Dwight came down from Division Artillery yesterday afternoon, and stared here last night. He had one of the liaison pilots fly him down. First Cav. Div. put on a big parade this morning on the palace park for Eisenhower, so Dwight came down a little ahead of time for it. The rest of the artillery units scheduled to come , came down this morning. The parade was at 9:30 this morning as I went over to see it. It was really a fine one, about the largest I have seen. Eisenhower made a little speech and reviewed the Division. I was fairly close to him, and he looks and acts just like he does in the newsreels.
The regular Division commander (Major General Chase) is in the states on a vacation, so Brig Gen. Bradford, a Tallahassee man and a Fla. East Seminary, V.M.I graduate, by the way is in command. You have never seen a corporal stand at a stiffer attention for his Platoon Leader than Bradford stood when Eisenhower was talking to him. That is the way it goes in the army, no matter whether you are a buck private, 2nd Lt. or a Lt. Gen. you always have someone above you that directly controls your destiny. After rereading this I realize that it might be a little more confusing than usual, so might clarify it by saying that Dwight means Frazier.
The Dog came in this afternoon and stayed for supper. He was all polished up and in the parade this morning with this little armored car.
A new Lt. Col. Has taken over the company now. The full colonel, is in the hospital, and will be there for several more weeks. This Lt. Col. Is really a dilly. I know him, that is his past but of course, he don’ know me other than by sight and name. He was in the A.R.T.C. at Knox when I was there, and came over on the same boat with us. He is in th regular army, but not a West Point graduate. He is the ranking Lt.Col. In the army: has a permanent rank of Lt. Col, and hasn’t been promoted since 1940. In addition to that, he didn’t get into any combat in the last war or in this war. All of this is very fishy, since the War Department made a special effort to promote it’s regular army officers at leas several ranks during the war, and made sure they all had at leas one battle star to wear, even if it meant only sending them over to a theater on and inspection tour. The bad part about him, as far as we are concerned is that he is not only dumb, which is bad enough in itself, but he is also aggressive. This is indeed a rare combination, and equally as catastrophic. The whole thing boils down to the fact that a specialized command like this one isn’t for a regular army officer, especially one of his caliber. I really think it would be better to have a civilian in charge with an army executive. That is one great fallacy in the army organization, and I have seen evidences of it time and time again, just because a Colonel, Lt. Col., or Maj. Is a man 45 to 55 years old and earns $6,000.00 to $8,000.00 dollars, he considers himself capable of doing anything and everything, and an equally good authority on any given subject. Actually, they are probably one of the most specialized professional men in the country.
Well, so much for that choice narrative.
Lots of love,

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