731st ordnance Company, 31st Infantry Division June 1944

This letter was written on June 9, 1944, by a soldier who was with the  731st ordnance Company, 31st Infantry Division. From the letter.....
Hi Darling,
How’s my baby tonight? There’s not much new around here, I’m still in the labor gang, putting up tents, loading trucks and picking up cigarette butts. It seems if you’re a Yankee you don’t get very far in this outfit, you have to be from Alabama or Mississippi to get very many good stripes of course if the war lasts long enough I may get to be a P.F.C. but I’ve resigned myself to my fate and I’m happy so that’s the main thing, I’m here in body only so they can’t get me down. I Did have some fun this morning, we loaded up two trucks with boxes too them down to the base ord.. When we unloaded them I was driving one of those little trucks that pick up the boxes and stack them in piles, it has an elevator on the front of it. It’s a long way from what they trained me for but as long as I get to drive truck or a jeep once in a while I’ll be happy.
We have swell living conditions and short hours, the food is good and the weathers ok, so why should I complain.
Gee maybe I’ll get some mail one of these days, one of the fellows that came from Goodenough with me has had one transferred from there already so maybe my luck will change and I’ll get one soon.
Tomorrow being Saturday, we have an inspection of course. I guess even if we get in the front lines we’ll have our Saturdays inspections I don’t have to stand it cause we only had one pair of suntans and they’re dirty so the Lt. said I could skip it.
We finally have our recreation tent finished, that’s where I’ve been working most of the times, it’s nice, we have a radio and some chairs in there. Next week I guess we’re going to build some tables, that reminds me we also have a brand new ping-pong table. I was messin around with a coin bracelet tonight, it’s not as good as it could be but practice makes perfect so maybe the next one will be better.
Well Darling that’s ab0out all for tonight, I’m going up to see if I can hear news reports , I sure hope they have a lot of success in the invasion cause it would mean a quick end to the war.
Good night sweetheart and pleasant dreams, 

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