40th Malaria Control detachment Japan army of occupation WWII letter

This soldier was in Japan, with the army of occupation, May 9, 1946. He was with the 40th Malaria Control detachment.

Hello Beautiful,
    Had to get a new tablet today and its small but I’ll make up for it by writing a lot of pages. The PX didn’t have any of the (?) like I got the last time. I liked it because it was a nice size but I suppose this will do. The PX is letting their stock get low so they won’t have so much to move, when they move down to Kyushu . Hope they don’t have any trouble getting supplies there. I’ll be happy if they will just take the ice cream machine and cigarettes- ha ha.
    Don’t think I’ve told you yet but we will go to (?) with the 24th Medical Battalion. That is in northern Kyushu, just at the (?) where it almost connects with Honshu? . We haven’t heard what kind of a city it is but it couldn’t possibly be any worse than Okayama. We heard yesterday that the 2nd Marine Division and the fifth Air Force has already sprayed the whole island with DDT killing every insect, even the fish and sick worms. We’re hoping that since that has been done we may get to go back north. It would be a lot better than going any farther south- but of course that depends on the 8th Army. Can’t ever tell what they will do. We’re going to turn the work here over to the British Malaria Control Unit. They have 70 Indian troops in it, that will be here pretty soon to work with it until we leave. At the rate we’re going now it will take six months to do the job. We have one plane almost two days a week. Lt. Rant is trying to get more assigned to us until we finish but isn’t having much luck. In Tokyo they have G47’s rigged up to do it but they will never send them down here.
    Carl and I went to the movie tonight. Saw “Of Human Bondage”. I really can’t see any excuse for such a picture. Could hardly sit through it but it was so stupid I was curious how it ended. I’ll surely be glad when they get some decent movies over here for us guys to see. Of course I’ll be much happier when I get home to my darling and little boy. Then I’ll enjoy every one we go to see. Really, I think all I need is to hold your hand and I would probably enjoy all of them.
    Carl is leaving for home tomorrow. He’ll go to the 4th Replacement Depot at Yokohama and expects to leave there around the 15th. He is really one happy guy too. He has been overseas for 15 months and has a baby that he hasn’t seen yet. There sure are a lot of fathers going home on hardship and depending discharges. It seems like the SGO in Washington must OK every application they get.
    Just heard on the radio that the (?) is lowering the month service for officers to go home. If Congress can find the time to act on the draft bill, maybe I’ll get home soon. I still feel like they will do something to speed me on my way. If they don’t we will have to get busy on a hardship discharge. I sure don’t want to stay here six more months.
    Baby, I’m surprised that John Jennings asked about me. I appreciate the offer but don’t think I would want to get tied up in such an outfit, as you so well know. We can do a lot better than that I’m sure. Maybe he could give the job to Carie Lee’s husband. Seems like you told me he was studying refrigeration. By the way, look up (?)’s address in the (?) phone book and let me know it, please. I want to see what kind of set up he has now.
    Baby I love you and love you- always will more and more. Be sure sweet and take good care of yourself for me. Tell (?) to give you a big hug and lots of love for me.
Love you forever,

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