40th Malaria Control Detachment Army of occupation Japan WWII 1946

This letter was written by a soldier who was with the 40th Malaria Control Detachment, involved with the occupation of Japan. The letter was written February 27, 1946. From the letter…..

   Didn’t get a letter from you today but I really didn’t expect to not after the ten I got yesterday. I did gte six Observers today so I’ll have plenty to read. I enjoy every one of them and you are awfully sweet to send them to me.
   I didn’t make the trip to Gefu ?. I was telling you about. Two of the other fellows went and Brown and I have been busy dusting individuals for the past two days. Every place or home that has a case of typhus reports it to the Nagoya Health Department and we go out and dust all the rooms and then set up our machine out in the street and delouse the people in the neighborhood. Yesterday we did around 1500 and today about a thousand. It is surprising how the people come up and beg to be dusted. Men, women and children, all fall in line. Most of the women bring their babies and have them dusted too. We have a couple of hand pumps that we use for dusting homes and I always send a Japanese laborer in to do that. Even if I have had all the shots. I still don’t want to take any chances. I don’t mind helping these people out but I don’t’ want to expose myself to any of their diseases.
   Read in the Stars and Stripes today that there is another bill in Congress to release all draftee fathers immediately. Sure hope they pass it this time. I really want to get home to my sweetheart and little boy. We’ve got to hurry and get started on our little girl. Do you know that I dreamed the other night, that we had twin baby girls. I just keep on dreaming of little girls so I’m sure we wont’ have any trouble getting one.
   Darling I love you. Don’t you every forget it and please don’t work too hard.

Love you forever,

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