33rd Armored Regiment WWII Letter Germany May 1945

This letter was written on May 15, 1945, by a soldier in Morfelden Germany. He was with Headquarter Company, 2nd Battalion, 33rd Armored Regiment. From the letter…..

Dear Sweet heart Darling Hi: Just a few lines to let you know I am all right. Well Honey how are you getting along and feeling. How is your mother and dad getting along I sure hope all right. Honey are they saying anything in the states about the men from over here getting out or any thing of that sort. I sure hope I don’t have to go to the Pacific. I would just as well stay over here instead of going over there. But I would lobe to go to the states. Well dear this isn’t much I can say. I am not sure if we can write of some of the place we have been. We were able to visit Nordhausen where they found that camp. I know the people in the states know about it as you wrote and told me about it. That is were Gen. Rose got killed at. Honey that is one place I never will forget. You can’t tell people about it as they wouldn’t believe it. I guess you have saw some of the picture that they took didn’t you. Well nearly all camps over here just like that was the same. The way we treat the prisoners in the states is really to good. I wondered a lot of times since I have been over there if they leave them around just like they did at Knox. Well dear that is enough for that at the present. How are the rest of the gang getting along Tell them all I said Hi, and hope they all are in good health. Also tell them I hope to see them sometime this summer or sooner. Well Honey I just got the box you sent for Dot also a letter from Dot dated Jan 26. Boy somebody really keep that letter a long time didn’t they. Honey I got a letter also from you for May 3 I guess you didn’t put the date on it. It was stamp the 4th What all did Evelyn have to say beside what you wrote me. Well  if Bob is in the 1st maybe sometime soon we may meet. Well they couldn’t (?) around him any more than they did me. I know we had a plenty. I don’t know about the nervous wreck but if I have to go any where else I sure will be. I am glad to hear that you went to the hangout. I bet you had every thing good didn’t you. You can just say that again about every Sunday I bet that chair cover really looks good doesn’t it. You know if you would go to bed at nights instead of sitting up you wouldn’t fall asleep I am going to try to join the Legion if I can. Mother wrote and told me about Mr. Kershner dieing Yes I got paid and have a couple of money orders on the way home. Honey right after we came back to (?) I got my first bath for almost 4 weeks. I took several in my (?) tho. You can’t be any older than I am or look. Well honey I have told you all I know for this time so closing with all the love, kisses and hugs I can send to the best wife, girlfriend and sweetheart I ever want to know. Your Loving Old Man Laurence. P.S. tell Gaige I said hi and to be good.

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