33rd Armored Regiment, Germany WWII Letter April 27, 1945

This letter was written by a soldier who was in Germany, with the 33rd Armored Regiment during WWII. The letter was written April 27, 1945. From the letter…..

   Just a few lines to let you know I am all right. Well Dear how are you getting along I sure hope all right. Honey so far I haven’t had time to write to anybody except you and Mother and the two small kids. I got a letter from both of them and I know I had to answer theirs if not th rest. I had to go to the dentist tomorrow to get some new teeth. When I was a P.W. the Germans through the other ones away so now I have to get new ones. I had to go to the Co. Med. To get a slip in order to go to the dentist. I went there this morning and had to go 10 miles on the other side of where we are staying. I am going to try to get them cleaned also while I am there.
   Honey, I don’t know if I told you or not, I am going to send my watch back home. It just won’t run. I will let you know when I do send it home. Another thing as soon as I get it back I will send it to you also, that is a money order. It will be for $90.00 instead of $100.00. I forgot that I had to get envelopes with the stamp already on them. I got $2.00 worth or 32 of them. I got a couple more letters today. Boy you don’t know how I feel when I do get them. I read them over 3 times and then when I answer them I read them over 2 more times. Your know over here I can’t keep them very long. I can’t do like I did at Knox, put them in my locker as I haven’t any.
How are all the folks at home? Tell them all I said hello wand hope they are all in good health. I will try to answer a couple of them tonight only I won’t have time because it soon will be getting dark. Well if I am not cleaning the tank I am on guard during the day. We have to try to keep our clothes clean and if possible try to ?? Them. So you see we are quite a ways back from the front lines now. Fro my part I would like to say way back here till after this is through over here, then come home.
   Well, Honey I will try to answer your two letters now, one is fro the 4-13 and the other for 4-15. So her goes, there were a lot of days past while on this push that I didn’t get any mail let alone write any. I wrote when ever I could. Honey please don’t worry about me please. I am trying to keep fit so you won’t have to worry none. Some of the letters I wrote will not get to you right away as there were a lot of time they couldn’t get the mail back. Why don’t you rest up a little when you have a day off instead of working around the house so much? That work won’t run away from you. I am glad President Truman didn’t’ do now changing around. I don’t care what he does after this is over, but right now all I hope he ends this war. I don’t know what the big boy over here has us on but I know it isn’t’ for mourning. I am glad to hear you got the ring. You always wanted one. I am all right. I sure wish I could show a honorable discharge around like Bill. My day will come though.
  No it isn’t summer over here yet. You get paid every mo. When they can pay you no matter if yo are overseas.
   Now 4-15, I am glad you go the paper. Did you also get the one from Dot? I haven’t heard about the people doing what you wrote about yet. But we always make sure that it is always good before we take it. Was the funeral march very sad? The way you wrote it, it sure must have. How do you like riding in the car? I still don’t see why you don’t take it out more. Well I see where Dad is watching over you now Ha Ha. You sure must be showing that stuff all over.
   I am glad you like the bum at church. Well Honey, I will look for all of the boxes that are on the way. That coffee sure will come in nice. You had better go to the reunion or that will look bad. I wish you would send Red some kind of a box I know how he feels. All the boxes I got so far were packed the same as your sent them. I read all the papers you sent thanks. I still can’t tell you the name of the ship. I hope I have answered all that you asked so I will close,

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