USS Buttress September 1945

Written by a sailor aboard the USS Buttress, in September 1945. From the letter……

Dear Mom, Well we started operations again last Mon. It’s been so rough that I didn’t get a chance to write you or boots all week.
I got three boxes from you folks a couple of days ago. They were really swell. Anytime you want to send some more just send them.
I don’t know for sure if this ship will go back to the states or not. There’s been a lot of scuttlebutt about it being back by Christmas but nothing definite. Three days later………..I didn’t get a chance to finish this letter before so I’ll finish it now. There isn’t much work for us to do over here. We only have a few more mine fields to pick up, and then our work would be finished. I’m sending Boots a couple of large pictures of the ship, when I can get some cardboard and a big envelope. Have her give you one. I’ll put a few snapshots in this envelope that my buddy and I had taken on V-J day……
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