USS Morrison WWII Letter January 1944

Written by a Navy sailor serving aboard the USS Morrison, during WWII, in January 1944. From the letter……..

And also since things are as they are maybe I’d better get all my insurance made out to her to…….Haven’t heard from any of my sisters since Sis wrote concerning her expectations. But then I haven’t written except to Sis…….I was very surprised that Dad had such a hard time selling his hogs. If there are so many why the notion is the cattle market fouled up the same way?…..Spect I’d better close now as it’s getting late and I have to write a couple more letters……

The USS Morrison, was sunk in May of 1945, but a Kamakaze attack, involving 7 Japanes planes, 4 of which hit their target. The ship sank so quickly, that most men below deck were lost. There were over 150 men lost that day. 

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