USS LCI (L) 1033 WWII Letter New Guinea, 1944

   Written by a sailor aboard the USS LCI (L) 1033, in New Guinea, during WWII, undated 1944. From the letter…..

I am stationed at one point now for a while. I hope some of your mail will catch up to me here. I am on a LCI. It is a lot different than my last ship…….We have good chow and sleeping quarters. We had quite a time when we left the states. I only had thirty cents. Across on the ship we had to bum cigarettes. We got at the base and still didn’t get paid. We found a pack of Bull Durum and had to roll our cigarettes in toilet paper. I guess you know I need my cigarettes. We got along ok though. We have enough cigarettes to last us now……We have some swell officers so this ship is ok. Darling I could surely use one of those bottles of beer in the ice box right now. Long time since I had a good beer…
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