Syracuse Army Air Base WWII Letter

Written by an Air Cadet at Syracuse Army Air Base, during WWII, undated. From the letter……
it’s been cloudy and raining all day. However I flew 2 ½ hours this afternoon in the stuff and it was a long flight it seemed.
The new is on in the officer’s club, and the news certainly is good in the Battle for Europe…….The club here is very unpretentious there isn’t really much to it. A few soft chairs, writing tables, and Poker room, which incidentally is the most popular place here, however after the 2nd or 3rd day here I ceased visiting that shelter. I lost about 3 dollars……Eddy and a fellow named Cook are my roommates, the latter I seldom see, only in bed. He’s single so when not flying he’s in town it seems. We fellows who came first got the room and the other fellows got the cots in the Hall at the BOQ, about 20 lined in good GI fashion.
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