San Angelo Texas Army Air Field April 1943

Written by a soldier with the Army Air Forces. He was at A.A.F. Bombardier School at San Angelo, Texas when he wrote the letter in April 1943. From the letter……..

I went to church yesterday the same as usual and am sending another program. My tactical officer and his wife were in church and I got a fellow from Virginia to go with me. I am glad for your sake that I’m not going to fly and now that I have thought it over it really didn’t make so much difference after all. Some of the fellows who washed out before I did are leaving today for Wichita Fall, Texas. I have been talking to a fellow from conn. Who was at Sioux Falls and he said my best bet was to go to radio school now that I had a little of it. I haven’t quite mad up my mind but if I could go to Sioux Falls I wouldn’t be too badly off and would have a 5 month course ahead of me while if I stay down here its hard to tell what they would put me in, because you never can tell what the army is going to do……..I also could have had a 10 day furlough but was restricted to 500 miles and so I didn’t dare to try and make it home……Because I can‘t fly I might get a good job on the ground if I went to radio school but I am so mixed up I don‘t know what I do want to do…… I have about 10 letters to answer but I hope to catch up on them as soon as I can......
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