New Zealand POW Stalag VIII B, or 8B WWII letters May, June 1942, and 1943

Letter #1
These postcard/letters were written by a New Zealand Soldier, who was a Prisoner of War, being held at Stalag 8B. This letter was written in May of 1942. I do not know the final fate of this soldier POW, but he was alive as late as 1944. From the letter.....
  Hello, Dad's letter 27 Feb. recd this week. See you have been having some rough weather. Also recd cigarette parcel from N.Z. patriotic through N.Z house. Very warm here today, real spring weather. Have not received any more mail from England of late. Am still keeping OK and feeling fit. We had the N.Z. missing list in camp this week, to try a trace some of the boys. I see an N. Machay- is that Mac. by any chance? Well I must away, cheerio my dears until next week, yours ever, Winston   
Letter #2
Same New Zealand POW soldier as above letter. This letter was written June 22, 1942. From the letter.....
Dear Mum and Dad, Recd three letters this week (March). One with postcard enlargement of you and dogs, which I have had framed and put over the bunk. Pop will have to watch that protruding tummy-more gardening indicated. Have recd parcel clothing from N.Z. House, winter u/wear, toilet requisites, pajamas, socks, chocolates etc, a pair of leather slippers, which are extremely comfortable. Have now more clothing than when in army. My suitcase etc are jammed tight. No news, home in 45, love,    

This letter was written by a New Zealand soldier, who was a POW, being held by the Germans at Stalag VIIIB. The letter was written October 4, 1943. From the letter…..

My Dear Mum and Dad,
   Another week slipped by, not much activity here, but still jogging along nicely. I trust the warmer weather is treating you better, got over all the colds, etc. We are beginning to notice a tang in the air these mornings, an approach of winter. Last night we retarded the clocks an hour, extra 60 minutes in bed. Thrilled to receive a letter from Ian this week, he is keeping well, and doing some great work. I sat up for 5 hours the other night, to type out a German drug and medical list for him. I would love to join him, but am afraid this is once when I feel I must put my own personal  wishes in the background. This weeks Camp Newspaper contained a skit on the loss of my four ’muckers’??, in the short space of two months. First Ian, then Harry Blackburn, Sinton, and lastly Frank Oswell. Anyone wishing a change of climate are advised to apply to me. At present, I am on my own, quite handy in the meantime. Ivan I hope will be the next victim. Doesn’t say much about my cooking arrangements does it? Have just had the second ward painted out, light blue and white, with beds and fittings to match. Looks very good and brightens things up considerably. The establishment consists of 2 wards each 11 beds and a small kitchenette. One is now the green, and the other blue. Yesterday we witnessed a first class show from our comrades in the next camp-’Pirates of Pinzance’- a smashing performance. I forgot to mention last letter, my table tennis presentation for the 3 camp championship. A carved racket, on stand, hand made and polished- the district Beech- a smashing souvenir. Looks like cheerio, all the best my dears, my thoughts and prayers are with you daily.

All my love,
 This photo shows actual prisoners at Stalag VIII B, 1943.
Photo: Australian War Memorial details

Letter #3
Written in 1944

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