Fort Ord, California WWII Letter October 1943

Written by a Corporal at Fort Ord, California, during WW2, in October 1943. He was in Company I, 9th Battalion, 3rd Regiment. From the letter……..

   I was all set to come home on a three day pass this week end, but I caught a slight cold and ran a slight temperature, and had to go to the hospital, it is nothing serious, so please don’t worry. Anyone who runs ever the slightest temperature is sent to the hospital, please excuse th poor penmanship, I am writing this lying down…….I haven’t been outside camp yet, to visit Monterey, Carmel, etc. There is always such a long line waiting for the bus. It is very comfortable here, temperatures are taken often pulses an so forth. I have had quiet a lot of liquids orange juice, pineapple etc…

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