Fort Monmouth, New Jersey WWII Letter November 1942

Written by a soldier at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey, during WWII, in November 1942. It is written on Defense House -- Women’s Division, American Jewish Congress letterhead. He was with the 822nd Signal Fixed radio Station Company, 15 Signal Service Regiment. From the letter…..

   This is Thursday evening I’m staying at “home” tonight and at last chance to write you a decent sized letter. My letters have been so stingy all week, I know , but I did write every available moment I could, save of course during the time I was with my folks. I’ve just finished a letter to Rosalie, one I’m ashamed to admit, I owed her for over two weeks now. I never let my correspondence gather dust longer than one week, before I answer, but the past few weeks, the time just hasn’t been availing. I received one from turns, and a very nice one from Essie. She addressed it of course to the Fort, and I didn’t receive it till this last Monday……We’ve had to say goodbye before, and it was always so hard to part, but never, as it was, when you left me in Grand Central Station. Lugging that big case, your eyes were wet, you didn’t want to go and I didn’t want you to go, we both wanted it to go on, for it had all been so very beautiful……

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