Fort Knox, Kentucky WWII Letter July 1945

Written by a soldier at Fort Knox, Kentucky, during WWII, in July 1945. From the letter…….

all must have had a job canning those peaches. When and how are you going to eat them all? One of the candidates came up to me today grinning from ear to ear and informed me he was  Phi Delt at University of North Carolina. I guess he must have noticed my ring. I had a little talk with him, which I think pleased him immensely. He is 30 years old, finished U.N.C. in 1938, and is a tobacco farmer. He took business administration at the university. He has been in the Air Corps, and was stationed at G’ville last year. Since then he has been stationed at Kissimmee. He looks like a pretty slow sort of a fellow, but maybe he will be alright. The Colonel says he is going to give me an assistant, one of the recent graduates. Guess I will have to break him in right and detail him to keep my shoes and boots polished. Since we have so many recent graduates, it has gotten that I am a real high ranking officer now…..3rd ranking 2nd Lt….big timer.

Photos of Fort Knox: 
African American Mechanic Fort Knox
M-4 Tank Crew Fueling
Fort Knox Tank Crews at Night
Medical Corpsmen Fort Knox
M-4 Tank July 1942 

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