Camp Cooke California WWII Letter January 1943

Written by a Corporal at Camp Cooke California, writing to another soldier at Headquarters Squadron, 4th Fighter Command, during WWII, in January 1943. From the letter……

Nothing to do so will write you a few lines. Today is about as perfect a day as you could ask for, but there isn’t any place to go, and couldn’t get a pass to go if there was. I had three gun inspections in two days this week. I’m just about ready to go over the hill. I have seven new tank equipments in my arms room, to clean up, and then have to lay out all of those guns for inspection; as if I didn’t have anything else to do. Gripe! Gripe!……Say those pictures you sent were really good I must say that your mustache and pipe really make you look quiet dignified. Your living quarters look as if they would really be very comfortable. You ask how I make contacts with the women; well I don’t very much, but we can still get a six hour pass to “Lompoc”. It isn’t much, but they do have a square dance every Thursday night; so there is a little entertainment……..


Gerri in Germany said...

Reptile Guy...where do you get your letters and photos?? I have many, many love letters and photos from my father to my mother. He was aboard the USS Chester during WWII and went on to serve 30 years. I'm hoping to write a book using them as the foundation.

The Reptile Guy said...


You must be very proud of your father's service. We owe him and those who served with him, a great debt.
The Chester saw a lot of action during WWII. She even transported some of the survivors of the Lexington, but I am sure you already knew that.
As for the letters, some I get through word of mouth, some from estate sales, by placing ads, and through online auctions.
If you ever want to share one of your father's letters, (not the original, just a transcription)I would consider it an honor to post it.
Please do finish the book, their history deserves to be remembered.

Gerri in Germany said...

Didn't realize my blog photo would come up here!! My arm is not broken any more.

My dad is pretty much my hero, though dead for many years. I knew the Chester was in many battles, but I didn't know the part about the Lexington. Haven' had time to delve into the huge pile of letters other than a few and haven't studied Chester history yet. Retired about 6 weeks ago and now the book is floating higher on the to do list, once I get house settled. Thanks for your quick response!