Camp Callan California WWII Letter 1942

Written by a soldier at Camp Callan, San Diego, California, during WW2, in June 1942. From the letter…..

I will give you an idea of what I have been doing since I left you. After we returned to Fort MacArthur, we were clothed Uniforms, Overcoat, Raincoat, 2 pairs of shoes, etc. Then we received shots in the arm which didn’t bother at all. We rose at 5:30 AM then “chow” which was very good, getting up that early becomes a habit, of course we are in bed by 9:00 PM. One person made it hard for the rest to get to sleep on account of his extreme snoring, other than that everyone got along swell, such as helping one another make his bed, which has to be made perfect. I have not had K.P. as yet, but probably will later on as everyone has that to do…….For two days I was in the infirmary helping in a small room where blood types were being checked mine is type B. Each man has this checked then if he should need a transfusion his type is recorded under his name……We left Fort McArthur by bus…through several towns we had a police escort. After arriving at Camp Callan most of us were separated, I have not seen Johnny since that day. There are 30 men in our barracks the same up stairs. It is swell here, about a mile from the ocean. Since we have been here, we have learned quiet a lot, drilling handling rifles and bayonets, but no shooting as yet. The men who teach us are very patient…..We also see motion pictures of the things that are expected of us and which makes it easy to catch on quickly, also talks by officers on different subjects pertaining to our work…...I started to write this letter four days ago but something always seems to interfere and the lights go out at 9:00.…
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