731st Ordnance Company, 31st Infantry WWII Letter

This letter was written June 11, 1944 (postmark is hard to read, and could be 1945), by a soldier who was with the 731st Ordnance Company, 31st Infantry. From the letter…..

Hi Honey,

  Yeah, it’s me again, with not much to write about but I just gotta do it cause it makes me feel so good to even write to you. I love you, dopey, I love you, understand.
   We just got back from the Dixie Dugout, the Red Cross to you. Lordy me, you should hear the band this Division has, I bet we have the best on in the Army. They’re equal to if not better than a lot of the top bands back in the states. The drummer used to play with Jack Teagarden, is he smooth. When they play you just can’t keep your feet still, I guess I’ll have to learn to dance when I get back cause I sure like good bands. And then, you should see the girl that sings with them, she’s one of the Red Cross girls and is she cute.  But Honey, whenever I look at her I see you,  you really have me hook, line and sinker, confidentially I’m proud that you have.
   I made an Australian coin bracelet for you today, I’ll mail it tomorrow and hope it gets there in time for your birthday, that gives it a month and five days from today so maybe it will make it. It’s the first one I made so don’t expect too much cause I need a lot of practice. When and if you get it, you can shine it with silver polish, I used tooth paste, but it’s not so hot. I love you.
   I wrote Helen tonite and told her to send me a pair of swimming trunks. It’s not a man’s Army anymore, there’s too many W.A.C.s over here so we have to wear trunks. I hope your not angry cause I asked Helen to send them, but I figured that as long as you were so busy and being that Helen is downtown every day, it would be much simpler for her to send them. I also wrote to Mom and told her to send me a pair so I should get at least one pair before the war is over. Well Darling, that’s about it for tonite, so till tomorrow be good and keep on loving me.

All my love,

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