WWII WAAC Letter Camp Polk 1943


Written by a lady Sergeant who was at Camp Polk, Louisiana during WW2, in 1943. She was part of 11th Company 3rd Battalion, 41st WAAC Training Regiment, Branch C, 5th WAAC Training Center. From the letter…….

My dearest Johnny, Just as I got the envelope addressed this afternoon orders came for me to move. So the address at the top of this page is the latest and the one to be used now…….. We have some new regulations now. We get up earlier and have bed check at 10:30. Some nights that is going to mean my letters will be shorter…….I have definitely made up my mind if we can both get leave I shall be happy to marry you even though we both have to get back to our post of duty. I could have gotten out of the WAACs when the others in Wilmington did, before I knew you, but at that time we either had to write a letter requesting discharge or requesting general service. I asked for general service so that closes that outlet for me…….Several of the girls who came up with me have been sent to Washington and California, thank heavens I was not sent along with them…….
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