WWII Letter, USS Dallas November 1944

This letter was written by a sailor serving aboard the USS Dallas. He wrote the letter on U.S. Naval Net and Fuel Depot Melville, Rhode Island letterhead, during WWII in November 1944. From the letter…….

I received your letter the evening before we got underway, which would make it the 8th. I was down cast when I couldn’t feel any snapshots through the envelope, but my face lit up when I saw the clippings……..Some of them who were aboard when we were down in San Juan remembered you……The nearest I ever got to Camaguay was Guantanamo Bay and when we arrived in the states again I lost my address book and couldn’t remember the address……My working hours are 12 hours a day 7 days a week……Last month a porpoise hit our sound gear and we were sent to Boston to have it repaired……
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