WWII Letter, LST 767 Ship


by a sailor aboard the USS LST 767, May 29th. From the letter…..

Approximately four months have slipped past since last I wrote you so keeping my friendships in constant repair as per orders I now make my quarterly report……It has been my fondest contention for quite some time that we three, Remley, you and I helped each other over the rough spots of our extended sojourn away from God’s country. In the past few months I have looked back upon our companionship with a great deal of pleasure. Just as an interlude of scribbling I will mention my thought s on the subject. Strictly from the Farrell viewpoint of course. The fair little Imp behind the USO counter carried the stimulation of a tall tinkling scotch and soda and good old Remley, the shark faced world, reacted on me as just about the right combination to control the Wild Irish. If you are grieved by the reference to the scotch and soda just keep in mind my particular fondness for that particular stimulant…...There isn’t a great deal of news to impart from my side of the world. Things are going along well enough. I am healthy and fairly contented. Least we are moving around quiet a bit. That keeps the wanderlust below the boiling point…….I have a line on Pat Patterson if you would care to drop him a line for old times sake. If you run across anything that would interest him he might appreciate it. I got word of him at the “Okinawa” invasion. He seems to be doing Ok…..Not much more to say sweet, can‘t talk about women, there are none our here, can‘t talk about liquor, there is none in the Pacific and since my conversation is normally restricted to these two topics I am tongue-tied…….
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