WWII Letter Laredo Army Air Field Texas December 1943

Written by a soldier at Laredo Army Air Field Texas, during WWII, in December 1943. From the letter…….

They finally got us settled and we started classes Mon. Nov. 29. That class number means we’re suppose to graduate the second week of the New Year. Boy this schedule we’re on is plenty rough. They really keep us going all day. We get up at 5 start school at 7 and finish at 5 in the afternoon with one hour off for dinner. We have P.T. from 5 to 6. We get to go to town Sat. night and all day Sun. The most fun I’ve had in school so far is playing around in the different turrets and skeet shooting. I’d never done any shooting until I came up here. It sure is a lot of fun…... 

Photo: USAAF....PD
 Mechanics, Laredo Army Air Field, give a Consolidated B-24 "Liberator" a complete overhaul, 8 February 1944.
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