WWII Letter Keesler Field Mississippi May 1942

Written by a soldier at Keesler Field, Mississippi, during WWII, in May, 1942. He was training at the Air Corps Technical School. From the letter…….

Well here I am down in Mississippi getting along just fine arrived last night around 12 o’clock. You can write me her for a few days anyway. I am not liable to stay here over 4 or 5 weeks. I think I will like it just fine down here though…….I am right down on the coast and it is not so hot here there is a breeze most all the time. I don’t know just what branch I will be put in yet we are just being classified here and will receive some training also. 309th School Squadron, Flight 305 Barracks #3.....

Photo: US Navy.....PD
Consolidated OA-10A Catalina (USAAF designation of the PBY) landing off Keesler Field , Mississippi, a training exercise with Marine Corps rescue boat crews in 1944.

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