WWII Letter, Camp Forrest Tennessee 204th Field Artillery

Written by a soldier at Camp Forrest Tennessee, in February 1943. He was with Battery D 204th Field Artillery.From the letter…….

Darling you know the nice way Alfred and I have of answering people back if they try to put one over on you. Well when I have to ask an officer a question and he tries to put one over me, I come back with an answer that makes his face turn red. Boy am I a devil with them, but that's the way they like you to be, because then they know no one can put anything over you.

Its now about two o’clock Tennessee time the weather is very good today considering that it rained all last night…….From your one and only husband to his one and only wife.....
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kristen said...

we have over 100 letters from my great grandpa dated from 1941 to 1946 he had sent them to my great grandma who then lived in paris illinois One particualar letter has a picture of camp forrest tullahoma tenn. and above it says git thar the fustust with thar mostust men If anyone could help i would like to get some info of this camp and learn more about my great grandpa his name was Ralph Wright and everybody called him boss we was a popular person though not very many people knew him so if anyone could help me thanks

Anonymous said...


Was he ever at Fort Benning, Ga.?

I found a photo of a Ralph Wright that was undated at Fort Benning. It is at: http://www.33rdinfantrydivision.org/Photos%20from%20Richard%20Glenn/album/index2.html

Good luck with your search.